DDZ Marine is proud to be the Scottish agents for Beneteau Power. Beneteau have been building superb boats for over 130 years. In that time they have won over 100 trophies for innovation and design in more than 20 countries, and they have sold over 100,000 boats throughout the world. The Beneteau group is the largest in Europe, a world leader in the manufacture of sailboats and number one in Europe for motorboats up to 15 metres.

They have come a long way from building their first sardine boat. Now their 2,500 strong workforce are responsible for creating some of the best yachts and power boats in the world. Beneteau has boatyards in France, the United States, Brazil and China.

Beneteau has an enormous research and development resource, which helps them create technically excellent boats, with superb fittings, and a perfect balance between speed, comfort and living space. It also makes them exceptional value for money. Sleek, contemporary design, ultra-modern materials, and a great range of audiovisual equipment make for a winning combination.

Why not visit DDZ Marine to see the range for yourself – from the Flyer sports/day boat, to the powerful Antares fishing range, and from the top of the range Monte Carlo sports cruisers to the unique Swift Trawler boats, we will show you why they use the strapline – 130 Years of Passion for the Sea.

Take some time to look through the various models we have for sale, complete with links to specification documents and product pdfs.


Gran Turismo

Our Gran Turismo Flyer Models are sleek and sporty Express Cruisers. Inspired by the world of Italian luxury high-performance cars, this range’s design evokes Italian lifestyle, with high-end finishing and superior performance, seaworthiness, comfort and style.

The Beneteau engineers worked with globally renowned Italian designer, Pierangelo Andreani to create a range of boats where the performance, handling and stability of the vessel are incomparable to boats with a conventional hull. The patented ‘AIR Step’ technology creates an air cushion effect that aids the responsive manoeuvrability of the boats.

As well as the design, from the man who began his career designing Ferraris, Maseratis, and Benellis and Guzzi motorbikes, the Gran Turismo range offers great performance, with lower fuel consumption, faster acceleration and higher top speeds, aligned to great safety features including exceptional seaworthiness.

Have a look at the range and specifications in more detail here:

Gran Turismo 34   Gran Turismo 38

Gran Turismo 44   Gran Turismo 49

Gran Turismo 49 Fly


The Antares range has been designed with cruising in mind and they are pure cruising pleasure. From the cockpit to the wheelhouse, the living space on board the Antares is surprising, and combined with excellent handling in any weather, the Antares is a superb choice for family day out. Safe and comfortable, these boats have won acclaim for the shape of the hull, and they have been designed for a long life and to weather all seas The planing hull and semi-tunneled twin shaft drives are designed for cruising in estuaries and around the coast. Perfect for the West of Scotland!.

80,000 boating fans have chosen the Antares.

What commentators say about the Antares:

Combining spaciousness with high performance, this boat provides a unique sensation of smoothness and power on the water.

The boat has amazing acceleration and, when you plant the throttles even gradually, a perfectly level, imperceptible shift to planing speed.

They didn’t sacrifice performance to get more interior volume.

A boat this size with twin diesel engines and this kind of performance at this price is remarkable.

The most amazing thing is the softness of the ride. The boat’s natural trim angle presents a fine forefoot to the water.

Antares 8 S – View more info

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Antares Open Board

Antares out board


The Flyer 6 was elected boat of the year in the “starter boats” category at the “2015 Motor Boat Awards” in London.

Having received equally impressive awards in Italy and France last year, the new Flyer range is also a candidate for the title of “European Powerboat of the Year 2015” in the under 25 foot category.

Whether you’re just beginning to take to the water, or already an experienced mariner, the flyer range makes it easy to enjoy the pleasures of the sea. The new Flyer range is designed around three distinct types of motor boating. Hence, the Flyer range comes in three versions for different uses, but with a similar philosophy.

The Flyer has been developed in collaboration between Beneteau and Volvo Penta, whose IPS system powers the Flyer and was a major consideration in her hull design. The Flyer’s hull, tested and tweaked in Beneteau’s own test tank extensively over nine months, has a variable deadrise, with the aftmost seven feet being nearly flat to accommodate the IPS drives. Volvo Penta spent years developing IPS, and it shines on the Flyer, thanks to her hull form. The Flyer is a great for speed and efficiency – the perfect starter boat for those who want to have great fun days on the water.

Flyer Gran Turismo

The Flyer Gran Turismo models are thoroughbred, sports-orientated Express Cruisers. Reviews have stated that The Flyer Gran Turismo is one of the most comfortable riding boats in its class. The design of the hull is ideally matched to the IPS drives. With the twin 435-hp Volvo Penta D6 engines and IPS600 pods the acceleration curve is impressive, and the performance is exceptional.

The Flyer Gran Turismo draws on the design of luxury high-performance Italian cars and, with its embodiment of the Italian style, it’s an inspiring and exciting cruiser.

Flyer GT-34 – View more info

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According to Beneteau, the idea behind the Barracuda was to create a boat that can be used by boaters late into the season and in all kinds of weather. She’s also a boat that can be a very capable cruiser for two people on a weekend retreat because she can go over 40 mph.

She also makes an ideal daily cruising boat for a family, with seats outside both forward of the cabin and in the cockpit aft – as well as inside for five people. The Beneteau Barracuda 9 is aimed at providing a unique blend of safe offshore seaworthiness coupled with all the basic creature comforts for day boating with the occasional overnight stay. Built around the patented Air Step hull, the Barracuda was designed to be both fuel-efficient and be able handle tough conditions. With Barracuda, discover a new way of enjoying cruising and the “fishing” spirit. The choice of the outboard engine for quick travel to fishing sites together with the wheelhouse and simple central console create greater comfort.

Barracuda 7 – View more info

Barracuda 9 – View more info

Swift Trawler

The Beneteau Swift Trawler range have been designed to be easy to handle and economical to operate

One review stated: We think that this boat can make the cruising dream possible for some people that may have thought they would never be able to pull it off. Overall, my experience with the Swift was one of the more pleasurable times I’ve had testing a boat. I’m a cruiser at heart, and this boat had me envisioning a cruise through the Great Loop, or the inside passage to Alaska. If you have been dreaming about cruising, this may be the boat for you.

Most importantly, Beneteau designed the Swift Trawler with the cruising couple in mind. The use of space is superb so get ready to set a course for new horizons and experience the sea differently. Fast, very manoeuvrable and truly comfortable, the Trawler according to Beneteau is the ideal boat for those who hold the dream of travelling ever farther.

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