The Antares range has been designed with cruising in mind and they are pure cruising pleasure. From the cockpit to the wheelhouse, the living space on board the Antares is surprising, and combined with excellent handling in any weather, the Antares is a superb choice for family day out. Safe and comfortable, these boats have won acclaim for the shape of the hull, and they have been designed for a long life and to weather all seas The planing hull and semi-tunneled twin shaft drives are designed for cruising in estuaries and around the coast. Perfect for the West of Scotland!.

80,000 boating fans have chosen the Antares.

What commentators say about the Antares:

Combining spaciousness with high performance, this boat provides a unique sensation of smoothness and power on the water.

The boat has amazing acceleration and, when you plant the throttles even gradually, a perfectly level, imperceptible shift to planing speed.

They didn’t sacrifice performance to get more interior volume.

A boat this size with twin diesel engines and this kind of performance at this price is remarkable.

The most amazing thing is the softness of the ride. The boat’s natural trim angle presents a fine forefoot to the water.

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