The Flyer 6 was elected boat of the year in the “starter boats” category at the “2015 Motor Boat Awards” in London.

Having received equally impressive awards in Italy and France last year, the new Flyer range is also a candidate for the title of “European Powerboat of the Year 2015” in the under 25 foot category.

Whether you’re just beginning to take to the water, or already an experienced mariner, the flyer range makes it easy to enjoy the pleasures of the sea. The new Flyer range is designed around three distinct types of motor boating. Hence, the Flyer range comes in three versions for different uses, but with a similar philosophy.

The Flyer has been developed in collaboration between Beneteau and Volvo Penta, whose IPS system powers the Flyer and was a major consideration in her hull design. The Flyer’s hull, tested and tweaked in Beneteau’s own test tank extensively over nine months, has a variable deadrise, with the aftmost seven feet being nearly flat to accommodate the IPS drives. Volvo Penta spent years developing IPS, and it shines on the Flyer, thanks to her hull form. The Flyer is a great for speed and efficiency – the perfect starter boat for those who want to have great fun days on the water.

Flyer Gran Turismo

The Flyer Gran Turismo models are thoroughbred, sports-orientated Express Cruisers. Reviews have stated that The Flyer Gran Turismo is one of the most comfortable riding boats in its class. The design of the hull is ideally matched to the IPS drives. With the twin 435-hp Volvo Penta D6 engines and IPS600 pods the acceleration curve is impressive, and the performance is exceptional.

The Flyer Gran Turismo draws on the design of luxury high-performance Italian cars and, with its embodiment of the Italian style, it’s an inspiring and exciting cruiser.

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