Considered to be the “Nautical Industry’s Oscar” the European Powerboat of the Year was bestowed on The MC5. The award was given on the basis of the Monte Carlo 5’ s style, as well as originality, quality manufacturing and performance.

All our Monte Carlo Yachts are the perfect mix of the very best in the Italian tradition of design, implementation and attention to detail, coupled with cutting edge industrial know-how.


Monte Carlo Yachts vision is to create elegant Italian yachts that make its owners feel special. But the Monte Carlo concept goes much deeper than beautiful design. With the support of over 100 years of boat building experience, the Beneteau Group assisted in the development of the most sophisticated, and safest building techniques inspired by 130 years of research and development.

By eliminating waste and pursuing perfection the result is a yacht that is revolutionary in its field. The build controls installation tolerances right down to a millimetre, whilst the soft mounting of the interior environments to the boat’s structure have made it possible to achieve excellence in terms of quality, comfort and technical reliability.

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